5 Hot Places To Have Sex Apart From The Bedroom


Quickie sex is one of the best ways to get it on with your partner, and for a variety of reasons. It’s hot, it feels a little forbidden, and it can bring you and your partner closer than ever before. Not to mention, you can do it pretty much anywhere. There are tons of places to get it on, but knowing some places in your house to have quickie sex means you don’t have to get too adventurous to enjoy the passion a quick romp brings.

1. The bathroom

Because there are few things hotter than looking at yourself having sex, so take advantage of the bathroom’s privacy and the mirror. Bend over the sink or have your partner sit on the closed toilet lid so you can climb on top and check out how hot you two look in the mirror. (Bonus points if the bathroom counter is free of hair straighteners and toothpaste because it can also be used for a quickie.)

2. The Shower

Obviously, right? It’s not always easy, but shower sex can be really hot and quick (I mean, that steam gets heavy fast) and the perfect way to start your morning or get ready for a night out.

3. The Sofa

Netflix and chill? Sure, right after your quickie. There is plenty of quick moves you can make on your partner on the couch without having to lose a lot of clothing or take any time away from your marathon of your favourite series.

4. Your desk

Have you ever wanted to throw everything off your desk and make love to your SO right there? Well don’t risk being fired. Your desk is the perfect spot for a quickie with your partner. Whether you use your desk chair, lay down flat on your desk, or use it to prop yourself up, there’s something kind of thrilling about taking a normally serious space and turning it into orgasm central.

5. Behind the kitchen counter

Your partner can enter you from behind while you bend over the island or you can use it to hold yourself up and go for some standing sex. Bonus points: If someone happens to walk in (the horror), you’re at least partially hidden. Just make sure there aren’t any sharp objects hanging out on or near the island. Nobody wants a hospital visit.