Top Ways on How To Express Your Love Without Words


While large gestures are considered sweet, because our standards for affection require leaving cheeks blushed and hearts racing, you don’t really need a film production company or a gang of agreeable buddies to make your love known.

There is a kind of love that is silent but true—the kind that doesn’t scream for attention, but whispers gently. That is the kind of love that is felt even if it goes unsaid.

We are all familiar with the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” Here are some simple, yet meaningful gestures to let your actions show your special someone that you truly care.

#1 Listen to your special someone fully and sincerely.

Communication is the backbone of a strong relationship and communication is not possible if you don’t listen. It could be something as simple as listening to your partner when they tell you how their day went, or listening to something you might find uninteresting or repetitive.The act of listening is bonding with your partner in and of itself, as it lets you get to know them better. So sit back, don’t interrupt, and listen—even if you’ve heard the story many times over.

#2 Make time for your special someone.

Time is the most precious thing you can offer to a person you love. The gesture becomes more meaningful if you give what little time you have left for yourself to your significant other. Giving them the best of your time, even if you have a tight schedule, makes them feel loved and prioritized.

#3 Surprise them every now and then.

You don’t need a special occasion to surprise your special someone, nor does the surprise need to be expensive or elaborate. Small surprises such as a hearty breakfast after waking up from an exhausting night, or taking over some chores could make your special someone feel loved.Maybe you could send her flowers and a note one day just for the heck of it, or let your partner arrive home to find packed bags and plane tickets for an impromptu vacation. Get creative! 

#4 Give more kisses and hugs.

Physical forms of affection *such as a surprise kiss or hug* never fail to make your special someone feel loved even without saying, “I love you.” Using these in random, mundane situations will also increase their significance.Your display of affection could be something as simple as a kiss before going to work, or a welcoming hug when your partner comes home after a long day. You could also ambush your boyfriend with a spooning hug when you come across him in the hallway, or randomly give your lady a peck while doing chores together.

#5 Go the extra mile during sex.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Sex is the most intimate form of bonding in existence, and you can make it more special by taking the lead and learning new bedroom tricks. You could do something simple by trying new kinks from the sex shop, engaging in role-play, or having sex in new and exciting places to rekindle your passion for each other. True love is in the small details, and can be conveyed by simple gestures. You do not need to spend a lot of money or come up with fancy gimmicks to make your partner feel loved.