Top 5 Ways To Identify A Selfish Lover Before You Date Them


It is in some ways easier to be a man in the sexual arena. In principle, men can finish easily. Most women cannot finish without foreplay, cunnilingus, or a hand job. Yet, too many men are either completely confused about this fact, or they are selfish in bed. If they are selfish, there is probably not a whole lot you can do about it, except cut your losses and move on. But how do you spot a selfish lover before you end up becoming too attached? Here are some signs that your lover may be selfish in bed:

1. He will ask for erotic massages but never give any back

He will find an excuse for why you need to work your knuckles off: for instance, that his legs are sore from his recent workout. You will however, never receive the favor in return.

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