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Top 5 Ways To Identify A Selfish Lover Before You Date Them

It is in some ways easier to be a man in the sexual arena. In principle, men can finish easily. Most women cannot finish without foreplay, cunnilingus, or a hand job. Yet, too many men are either completely confused about this fact, or they are selfish in bed. If they are selfish, there is probably not a whole lot you can do about it, except cut your losses and move on. But how do you spot a selfish lover before you end up becoming too attached? Here are some signs that your lover may be selfish in bed:

1. He will ask for erotic massages but never give any back

He will find an excuse for why you need to work your knuckles off: for instance, that his legs are sore from his recent workout. You will however, never receive the favor in return.

2. Foreplay is virtually non-existent

He might stick a finger up your vagina to see if you are wet and ready to go without any warmup. If you are not, he will bring out the lube, so he doesn’t need to do any extra work.

3. He doesn’t ‘go down’ on you

You have had sex more than a few times, and he has not yet performed cunnilingus on you, but he has encouraged you to perform fellatio on him. Worse: you have asked him to go down on you, but he always has an excuse for not doing it, or he simply says he doesn’t like it.

4. He goes cold after sex

After he finishes, he rolls over and goes to sleep, unconcerned about whether you finished or not. Or, worse, he sends you packing and on your way. 

5. He doesn’t like you finishing first

If you bring yourself to a finish during intercourse, but it happens to be one of those rare occasions where he just isn’t going to bring it home, he finds the very fact that you finished and he didn’t unfair. He might joke about it or even shut you out emotionally for a while, despite the fact that you did all the work yourself.

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