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Here’s Why they say Short Men Are The Best In Bed!

Short men are the best. Research recently discovered short guys have more sex than those who stand closer to the clouds. The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, recruited 531 straight men between the ages of 20 to 54 who have healthy sexual relationships with their partners, and inquired about their sexual frequency, health, lifestyle, as well as their height, weight, BMI and waist circumference.

1: Short men have more sex

Not surprising, men ages 25 to 29 who weighed in at a respectable 172 pounds and possessed other physically attractive attributes reported having the most sex. But the more intriguing discovery in this strain of research was the headline-maker: the perpetually passed-on short guy is actually getting laid more often than their physically preferred counterpart.

2: Tall men are less preferred

Guys shorter than five feet nine inches reported having the most sex. Which is kind of a big deal, for short guys at least. This is the first study to combat the belief that taller men get more women, and it essentially delivered the opposite result of what we’d expect. So much for tall, dark and handsome.

3: Short men are more attractive

Even celebrities can’t fight a short man’s magnetism. Take Nicole Kidman for instance. First, she marries notable short guy Tom Cruise (5’7), to then marry Keith Urban who beats Cruise by just an inch. To compare, Kidman stands at 5’11. So let’s stop feeling bad for the short guy, alright? One can only assume they’re using this sad-sack story to get in your pants. And it’s working.

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