this top 7 Sure Signs You’re A Side Chick to him


Men are generally very smart when it comes to women. They have girlfriends who think they are the “main chicks” but are actually the side-chicks. These men have perfected their skills and know how to patch their holes when needed, but it takes being extra smart and vigilant to catch the culprit before you fall into their trap. Some ladies have unsuspectingly have found themselves as being the side chick in a relationship. This article seeks to inform the ladies on signs to watch out for.

1. He’s Unavailable At Valentine’s Days

This is like one of the major indicators you’re a side chick if he is always unavailable or bails on this special day, or if he shows up for a bit and then just disappears and becomes inaccessible for the rest of the day.

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2. He’s Very Protective of His Phone

It’s okay if he doesn’t want you to know their password to the device but at least collect the phone and use it. Check the gallery, check the contacts and call history, if they are always empty or scanty every time then something’s wrong somewhere. Also, watch out for what he saved your contact. If your name is mechanic, or dry cleaner, etc., my sister you be side chick oo.

3. He Always Doesn’t Have Time For You

You need to be careful here so you don’t sound overly demanding, but I think no matter how busy his schedules are he should be able to find time for you. But if he is the kind of guy that shows up and the next minute he’s gone or he never really spend an extended time with you, then you can consider a possibility of being the side chick.

4. His Stories Don’t Add Up

Well, men are great liars, some are amazing at lying, but the thing about lying is that you need to always stick to the same stories and sometimes be spontaneous which leaves room for holes in the stories. Even the best of liars make mistakes, so watch out.

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5. No Sleep Overs

If you’ve never slept over at their place or they’ve never slept at yours then something might be wrong. It is even worse if you’ve never been to his place, then something is definitely wrong.

6. Your Relationship Is “Too” Private

Note; I emphasize the “too”, it is ok if both of you want a private relationship and want to keep it on a low-key. But if there’s nobody else on earth who knows about it or he is always telling you to keep it a secret, then that’s a big red flag. Even if you’ve not met his parent, his friends should know you as his bae, if not ……., or if he allows you meet them he always introduces you as just a friend not girlfriend or bae.

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7. He Is Always Secretive

Some people are quiet and that’s fine, but that is different from being secretive. If he is too mysterious and secretive about everything then he may be hiding something. If he ghost’s you for a long period of time with no reasonable and legit explanation and this is frequent, or he doesn’t open much about things like where he works or anything about his past or family,  if he only calls late in the night, or only picks your call at a particular time. Then you may be the side chick.